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At Novu Wellness, we believe that mental health recovery looks different for everyone. Our premier mental health services guide individuals to successfully navigate the world of mental health and come out on the other side feeling better. Our multidisciplinary approach utilizes evidence-based practices in a trauma-informed setting standing on the premise that mental health care settings need to have a complete picture of the client’s life situation – past and present – in order to provide effective care in a healing environment. We want each client that walks through our doors feeling empowered to continue taking care of yourself now and in the future.


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Our Mission

We believe that mental health doesn’t discriminate. We also believe that everybody deserves a chance at mental health recovery regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or financial status. Our mission is to get to know each client on a personal level, and understand how their mental health disorders impact their lives. Our multidisciplinary staff provides a thorough assessment and utilizes an evidence-based and collaborative approach to create a treatment plan specifically designed for them. 

Our Values

Healing from mental health disorders begins when someone is seen, heard, and understood. Our approach to treatment is rooted in the following core values:

  • Empathy, kindness, and compassion as soon as an individual walks through our doors
  • Open and honest communication to help build trust through the recovery process
  • Accountability and transparency to help the client develop an awareness of psychological and environmental triggers.
  • A holistic, trauma-informed approach that takes into consideration the entire person – mind, body, and spirit – not just their symptoms. 

Our Philosophy

Since mental illness impacts each person differently, mental health therapies and approaches must equally be diverse. Using a broad range of treatment modalities and services. Each client works with our clinicians to develop a mental health treatment plan that will not only be catered to them, but set them up for success now and in the future. 

A Trauma-Informed Approach to Mental Health Services

Individuals with mental health disorders can often develop these due to biological, psychological, and societal maladaptive behaviors. We look at these through an ecological and cultural lens recognizing that context plays a significant role in how individuals perceive and process traumatic events. Our comprehensive approach to trauma-informed care is integrated on not only the clinical side of our program but also the organizational side, helping to create better outcomes in a safe and collaborative environment.