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At Novu Wellness, our multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals utilizes a collaborative approach with each person that walks through our doors. We believe that mental health recovery has multiple pathways, and we’re here to guide each client through the steps to get there. Each member of our teams sees themselves as a part of a bigger purpose, as not only professionals, but individuals passionate to help those struggling begin to thrive. From the minute each client steps through our doors, we treat them with respect, compassion and dignity, contributing to each individuals recovery. 

Novu Wellness - Mental Health Treatment Center in Atlanta, GA

Ashley Thomas

Primary Therapist

Kimberly Whitner

Clinical Director

Dr. Bryon McQuirt

Medical Director
Ava Lovell

Ava Lovell

Director of Business Development
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Reaching out for help is incredibly courageous, but one small step can change the trajectory of your life. Our compassionate staff creates a structured environment so our clients can thrive. If you or a loved one are struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or any other mental health issues, reach out to us at 706-740-9005 or verify your insurance today!