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Mental Health Resources

With a combined 50 years experience, Novu Wellness provides trauma-informed, evidence-based treatment and is recognized as a facility for clinical excellence in the Atlanta area. 

We offer an outpatient continuum of care providing Partial Hospitalization Programming, Intensive Outpatient Programming, and Virtual IOP services. We believe that mental healthcare should be accessible to anyone, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or financial status. We offer treatment with ease, so our clients can continue their daily obligations while still getting the lifesaving help they deserve. 

Mental Health Resources

We believe that healing from mental health disorders is not linear, and each person’s recovery story is different. In conjunction with our outpatient mental health treatment programming, we have acquired a number of mental health resources that may be beneficial for you or your loved ones looking for help for their specific disorder. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that getting treatment for mental health disorders shouldn’t have to interrupt your life. At Novu Wellness, we believe in making mental health treatment accessible to anybody that walks through our doors. Using evidence-based and trauma-informed treatment programming, we believe that the root of mental health disorders can be exacerbated by trauma and other life events. Our programs aim to use this lens in our treatment approach, help our clients understand their symptoms, process root causes, and create new pathways to help them manage their symptoms. 

Find Outpatient Mental Health Treatment in Atlanta Today!

Reaching out for help for mental health can be scary, but takes great courage. Novu Wellness has helped hundreds of individuals get back on their feet and can help you too. If you or a loved one may be suffering from mental health disorders, call us now at 706-740-9005. Our dedicated team of admissions coordinators are ready to help you create the life you deserve.