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Have you wanted to get the help you need to improve your mental health but worry about fitting it into your schedule? Residential programs can be more expansive than you need, but even a daytime intensive outpatient program (IOP) can take up a lot of time. Novu Wellness created an evening IOP at our mental health treatment programs in Georgia that helps you take care of your responsibilities during the daytime like going to work or school or taking care of your family. This leaves your evenings free to join us for therapy sessions that help ease your symptoms of mental illness and learn to heal.

What is Evening IOP?

An IOP program takes place on an outpatient basis which means the person does not have to move into a facility. Instead, they can live in their home and travel to a facility for their treatment sessions. Evening IOP is an alternative to the daytime kind and is favored by many people who have obligations during the day. It provides the same structured care that daytime programs do, as well as the same types of therapy, just later in the day.

How Does Our Evening IOP Work?

Different types of therapy are provided so that each person has a well-rounded treatment plan. Attending multiple therapy modalities helps address issues that contribute to poor mental health and resolve them where possible. It also helps people develop a newfound ability to improve their symptoms and enjoy better mental health. 

We can help people who are new to seeking treatment or who have been to a program before but didn’t get the results they wanted. Our evening IOP in Atlanta offers the following types of services


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What Does Our Evening IOP Treat?

People who attend our evening IOP can get effective help for several types of mental health disorders. We offer treatment for the following:

We perform a thorough analysis of each person when we first meet them in order to determine their exact diagnosis. This allows us to match them with the types of therapy that will best address their symptoms. 

The Advantages of Evening IOP in Atlanta

Going to evening IOP in Atlanta gives people several advantages. It allows those who do not have their days open to be able to get the multi-disciplinary care they deserve. People who work or attend school during the day can meet those obligations and then focus on their treatment in the evening. It can also work well for parents who need to take care of their kids during the day and can find alternative childcare for a few hours on weeknight evenings. 

Our program provides treatment for dual diagnosis, which is the presence of both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder. When someone improves their mental health while learning to become sober, they heal more quickly. Another benefit is that IOP is less costly than residential programs while it still provides multiple opportunities to learn to manage a person’s mental health.  

What to Expect in Evening IOP

Our sessions take place for a few hours at night several times per week. They involve individual therapy, group therapy, and holistic therapy. We also offer access to prescription medications that help ease the symptoms of poor mental health. We help people make and meet treatment goals that improve their conditions. We teach them ways to overcome their challenges, develop healthy coping skills, and gain insight into their mental health. Our skilled team helps people build better relationships with themselves and their loved ones.

How Do I Know This Program is Right for Me?

Because there are many levels of care for treating mental illness, it can be confusing to know which one fits your needs. Talking to an admissions counselor at a facility can help you understand if their program will work for you. Additionally, you can ask yourself a series of questions to determine if an evening IOP program is right for you.

  • Do I work or go to school during the day?
  • Do I have kids I need to take care of during the day?
  • Do I have a few hours in the evening to devote to treatment sessions?
  • Is outpatient treatment the right level of care for me because I do not need residential treatment?
  • Do I need more than one or two therapy appointments a week but don’t need a partial hospitalization program?
  • Do I live in a supportive home environment?
  • Will IOP meet my budget while still providing several types of therapy to help me improve my symptoms?

Begin Evening IOP in Atlanta Today

Do you struggle with a mental health disorder and want to find a program that fits your schedule? Novu Wellness offers a highly effective evening IOP that gives you time to take care of your daytime needs and then join us for therapy sessions. Our staff dedicates themselves to creating a welcoming after-hours environment for people who need help overcoming the symptoms of a variety of mental health disorders. We also provide access to FDA-approved medications to help you feel more like yourself as you begin the healing path.

Does evening IOP sound like a great fit for your recovery needs? Contact us now and let us answer any questions you have about how we can help you.

Treatment Philosophy

At Novu Wellness, we believe that each individual suffering deserves mental health recovery. Our specialists work with each client using a trauma-informed approach to help you manage and recover from the symptoms of mental health disorders.

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Our mental health specialists have years of experience in treating the debilitating symptoms of mental health disorders and can help you live a life full of possibility.