Our outpatient mental health treatment in Atlanta specializes in treating mental health disorders. We believe healing begins when you feel safe and comfortable. As such, we want each of our clients to feel at home. Our family environment creates a a warm and comfortable atmosphere so you can be free of distractions when you need it the most. Tour our facility below.

Outpatient Mental Health Programs

Through a range of programming, we offer three different levels of care that meets your needs. Allowing individuals to continue fulfilling their daily obligations, we provide a real-time approach working to ensure clients receive the best, most appropriate care for their needs. We proudly offer the following levels of outpatient care:

  • Partial Hospitalization Programming (PHP) – Partial Hospitalization programming provides a full-day treatment, allowing clients to live at home or in a structured housing environment separate from the facility when the day is over.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – Intensive Outpatient Program is a minimum of nine hours of treatment programming per week. 
  • Virtual IOP – Virtual IOP allows clients to partake in treatment from the comfort of their own home. By leveraging our telehealth platform, clients find convenient mental health treatment options that fit their daily life without physically attending our treatment center.

What to Expect at our Outpatient Mental Health Facility in Atlanta

A quality program for outpatient mental health in Atlanta reflects the reality that people need to work with highly experienced and skilled treatment team members. Because of this, we employ a staff of compassionate therapists who partner with each person to help them meet their treatment goals. We offer a variety of multi-disciplinary therapies that help minimize or eliminate many of the symptoms of mental health disorders. In addition, we provide access to prescription medications for those who can benefit from using them. Their usage and the results are monitored by medical staff who can make any necessary adjustments to the dosage or type of medications used.

How Effective is an Outpatient Mental Health Program?

People who attend our program for outpatient mental health in Atlanta find that exposure to several types of therapy gives them a leg up when it comes to treating their mental health disorders. Each type of therapy we offer includes specific ways to target the illness and reduce the symptoms. Both partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient programs feature many of the same focused types of care people receive in inpatient programs. For those who qualify, virtual outpatient programs can be the key to balancing their treatment with the ability to access it from a private, remote location. 

Inpatient vs Outpatient Mental Health

Inpatient treatment requires the person to move into a facility and live there round-the-clock for several weeks. As an alternative, many people opt for treatment in the form of outpatient mental health in Atlanta. With this approach, they can stay in the comfort of their own home and travel to the facility for therapy sessions. Someone with severe challenges to their mental health may begin treatment in an inpatient program and then transition to outpatient treatment. Alternatively, some people only need the structured care they can get in an outpatient program and don’t have to move out of their homes.

Next Steps After Outpatient Treatment

Once someone completes a program for outpatient mental health in Atlanta, they will be given a plan to stay on the path of healing. The staff will make recommendations for any necessary follow-up care based on the unique needs of each person. This can include continuing with individual or group therapy or being part of an alumni group.

Begin Outpatient Mental Health in Atlanta Today

Are you ready to get effective treatment to improve your mental health and want the best program available? Novu Wellness created a structured program for outpatient mental health in Atlanta that puts you on the road to improving your mental well-being. Our staff of therapists understands how difficult it can be to ask for help, so we make the process easy for you. We get to know you so we can design the right menu of therapies to help ease your symptoms. As well, we offer access to prescription medications that help you control your mental health. 

Visit our admissions page now to find out how easy it is to start improving your mental health and get excited about life again. Let us show you how to heal with the most modern approaches available.